Alto miera (Lunada) combined route

The Lunada pass is located in the headwaters of the Miera Valley, the narrower of the main valleys of Cantabria, surrounded by steep slopes that culminate in Castro Valnera peak, 1718 m high.

This whole territory of the Miera valley is rich in varied aspects: the environmental, scenic, cultural and industrial archaeology features well worth a visit. This tour combines the physical benefits that involves moderate walking and cycling and the cognitive ones resulting from the interpretation of natural, cultural and ethnographic heritage in one of the most interesting areas of Cantabria.

It´s an area with a low population density formed by scattered small entities, with San Roque de Riomiera as the main one. Physically, it is an environmentally relevant zone covered by green meadows, scrubland and rocky areas as well as small patches of relict trees remaining in the north faces. In addition, the traces left by ancient glaciers are very widely developed: it constitutes a great example of low altitude glaciers whose relict forms present an excellent preservation condition.

Our activity starts in the higuest point of Lunada pass, the one which communicates San Roque de Riomiera with Espinosa de los Monteros, this last one belonging to the region of Merindades de Burgos.

It´s here where we´ll start an approximately three hours trekking route, well adapted to the physical and technical capacity of the group which in all its variants will allow us to enjoy stunning views of the Miera valley, the Castro Valnera, the pasiego mountains and even the coast of Cantabria in the clearest days. We have different trekking options which will be discussed with the costumers depending on their preferences.
When back from the trek, a 16 km long bike descent will be waiting for us. But don´t be scared: it´s an easy itinerary through highly panoramic secondary roads. During this descent we´ll stop in Covalruyo viewpoint, where we can give a brief introduction about the traces left by the glaciers in these mountains and valleys and some other important elements of this landscape like old civil engineering structures and the pasiego lifestyle legacy.


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